Posted by: travelrat | December 7, 2017


Cathedral Steps. Lima

Lima: 16th February 2017

 I’m so glad I didn’t do my journal right away when we arrived in Lima, for my first impression was far from favourable. We were driven from the airport to the hotel through a rather shabby part of town, almost at a walking pace, for the traffic was horrendous.

But, when they called for us the following morning, with the bus which would give us a tour of the city before taking us to the airport for the flight to Cuzco, they took us to a much more pleasant part of the city. The guide said that settlers came to Peru from all parts of Europe at different times, so there’s a great variety of architecture to be seen.

Unlike at Santiago, they weren’t in a great hurry, so they did stop the coach from time to time to let us off. We saw the Cathedral, and stopped by a central plaza, and were able to witness some sort of guard-mounting ceremony, outside (I think!) the Presidential Palace. This took place behind closely-spaced railings, and a large crowd had gathered to watch. But, I was still able to get a fairly satisfactory picture.

Changing the Guard, Lima

Every time we stopped, we were approached by street vendors, some of them ladies in colourful national costume, selling all kinds of souvenirs, as well as coca leaves. We had been told that tea made from coca leaves is good for any effects of the altitude at Cuzco, but ‘Chinese Whispers’ said that we wouldn’t get them past Security at the airport, so it would have to wait till we got there.


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