Posted by: travelrat | November 26, 2017

Walking Photographs


They used to call them ‘Walking Photographs’. That was back in the day, when not many people had cameras. You’d be walking down the street … or, more usually, a seafront, when someone would pop up, take your picture and hand you a card, saying where you might inspect the work, and, if you liked it, buy it. One of the best pictures of my late uncle was one of these, striding purposefully along a promenade (at Morecambe, I think??) smiling, pipe in mouth and hands in pockets. Heading for the pub, dinner or just ‘on a promise? I never did find out, but it was fun to speculate.

Although, these days, almost everyone has a means of taking pictures to hand almost all of the time, the ‘Walking Photographer’ is still around, although he’s rarely, if ever, called that any more, Some find the practice intrusive, but I’ve usually found that a shake of the head, and a ‘No, thank you!’ will usually deal with all but the most pushy and determined snapper. In reserve, I have ‘I am in the Witness Protection Programme, and I must insist you delete that image immediately!’ But, I haven’t had need, or the bottle, to try that one yet.

Sometimes, before taking photographs of a group, I do warn them I’m about to take pictures … ‘ … so, if you’re with someone you shouldn’t be, give me £50, and I won’t put your picture on Facebook’ Spoken in jest, of course; at least, I haven’t made any money from it yet!

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you’ll almost certainly have met the Official Photographer. Usually, they’ll meet you at the top of the gangplank, and try to take a picture of you boarding. I say ‘try’; if you’ve just had a long flight, and it’s eleven o’clock at night, the last thing you want is a camera pointed at you. Thankfully, most photographers realise this. I should, though, have a bad feeling, when I board a boat or ship, the first thing they sometimes do is hand me a lifebelt.


I have a great admiration for the young man in Egypt. Not only did we not realise we were being photographed, but he took the trouble to find out where we’d be next day, and was waiting for us there with the photographs. They weren’t the best, but we bought some anyway, because we felt such initiative had to be rewarded.


Another mention is due to Tom and Jerry (honestly!!) the cheerful duo on our Yangtze cruise. They took good photographs, and I did manage to snap a picture of one of them in action. But, I don’t know whether I ‘got’ Tom or Jerry!



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