Posted by: travelrat | November 7, 2017

More Wattle and Daub


Long ago, in (it seems!) a galaxy far away, I posted about the ‘wattle and daub’ construction of some of our older houses. And, indeed, it’s a technique still in use in some parts of the world.

The replica ‘Neolithic Huts’ at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre employ the same techniques; woven hazel twigs, liberally plastered with good old Wiltshire mud. From time to time, the huts need maintenance; probably more so than the ‘originals’ at Durrington, which were in a more sheltered site.

So, the call goes out to volunteers for all those interested to gather, and have a good game of mud pies. That, essentially, is all it involves. Crushing the local chalk soil to a powder-like consistency, mixing it with water and a little straw to hold it together, mounding it into a ball and splat it on the area you want to repair.

Some authorities say a little animal dung should be added, but we don’t go there. I wonder if we’d get as many volunteers if we did?



  1. Looks like fun. It’s years since I got my hands really dirty!

    • So many visitors said similar, I think we could have ‘done a Tom Sawyer’ and got them to do the work for us! 😀

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