Posted by: travelrat | November 2, 2017

Salto de Petrohue

Salto de Petrohue

Salto de Petrohue, Chile 13th February 2017

The Vicente Perez Rosales National Park contains two sites the Chileans are proud of. The Salto de Petrohue, the guide pointed out, was not a waterfall but a rapid, where the river was squeezed between pillars of basaltic rock.

Whence came the basalt? We are in a volcanic area, and some of the volcanoes are active … indeed, some of them are extremely active. However, none chose to pop its top while we were there. Would they have charged us extra if it did, I wondered, or would they just cancel the tour?

I’ve come across ‘a waterfall that isn’t really a waterfall’ before. The Falls of Lora, near Oban, in Scotland are at the mouth of a river … and they disappear completely when the tide comes in. Not quite the same sort of thing, though. I’d guess a similar sight to this are the Horizontal Falls, in Western Australia … which I have yet to visit. They’re on the list, but some way down it.

Whatever they call it, it’s something I wouldn’t care to ride in an old inner tube. Several people from our ship had visited the Iguazu Falls with us, but we agreed that this was in no way a let-down. A spectacular sight, even with the crowds milling around, making decent photography extremely difficult.

Salto de Petrohue-1

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