Posted by: travelrat | October 26, 2017

Flight to Corfu


Gatwick: 11th October 2017

We arrived at Gatwick long before the bag-drop opened. That’s always been a problem if you drive to the airport on the day of your flight. Should you allow ‘tyre changing time’, or trust to luck there won’t be a pile-up on the motorway, or your parking arrangements don’t go to plan?

I’ve said some pretty unkind things about budget airlines in the past … but, thankfully, they’re not all the same. There are some that deliver pretty fair value for money. Easyjet is one of the best, with not much to distinguish them from a ‘normal’ carrier.

You have to buy your food, which is no hardship on a short European flight. You won’t starve if you pass it up; we only ate because we’d arrive in Corfu about midnight local time, and it was unlikely we’d find anything open. Also, you can’t recline the seats; again, that’s no hardship on a short flight. It means the person in front of you can’t invade your space by reclining his, either.

I couldn’t make any sort of judgement on Corfu at this stage. Except that our hotel looks good. It’s slightly on the luxurious side of comfortable … they greeted us with a glass of sparkling white wine on arrival … and everything up to now has gone smoothly and efficiently.

Mon Repos Palace

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