Posted by: travelrat | October 24, 2017

The Lake District (Not the Cumbrian One)

. Lake Llanquihue

Puerto Varas: 13th February 2017

We’re going to the Lake District, they told us when we got to Puerto Montt. It wasn’t the tidy parcel we have at home, though. You could easily fit ‘our’ Lake District into just one lake here. Lake Llanquihue is the size of Luxembourg! But there is a connection, albeit a very tenuous one. We had lunch at the Cumbres Hotel at Puerto Varas … which isn’t a million miles off the name ‘Cumbria’

Puerto Varas itself is actually an enclave founded by German settlers, so there’s a slight Germanic air about the place.


The dining room looked put over the lake, with the volcano beyond. The theme was Chilean, and of particular note were the Pisco Sours served before the meal. The base is aguardiente, which, if you scroll back far enough is used to make a queimada … delicious, but I wouldn’t think either would take many prisoners. We also had a starter of empanadas or little pastries stuffed with cheese, seafood or meat. They looked like a miniature Cornish pasty … and I think I’ve had something similar before. Maybe at one of the Vaughantown tapas parties?

Pisco Sour

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