Posted by: travelrat | October 8, 2017

Amalia Glacier

Amalia Glacier

Amalia Glacier: 11th February 2017

I think we were spoilt when we sailed down Glacier Bay, in Alaska, last year, in almost perfect conditions.

But, we’re at the other end of the world now, and although we were promised great things as we sailed past the Amalia Glacier, when we got there, it was shrouded in mist. Would this turn out to be the second disappointment of the cruise? Julio, the Port Lecturer, giving a commentary from the bridge, said the pilot had said that he had been bringing ships this way for twenty years, and this was only the second time he had seen the glacier so hidden.

But, gradually the mist cleared, and the sun struggled to make an appearance. It didn’t quite make it, but still enough to get a good sight of the glacier.

The original plan was to remain in the vicinity for an hour, like we did in Alaska. But, in the event, we didn’t stay long. An intermittent drizzle and approaching dinner time ensured that!

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