Posted by: travelrat | October 5, 2017

Travel Theme: Calm


‘Calm down, dear!’ (Michael Winner)

A friend once told me he preferred grandchildren to children ‘… because, you can send them home when they get too bothersome!’  I can’t say I wholly agree with him, but there’s certainly a sort of silence for about an hour after they’ve gone.

Calm reigns!

Then, after a while, someone turns the television on, and the atmosphere is gone. Not permanently, though; there’s usually a little slot around mid-afternoon, when I’ve done all that I have to do, but the neighbours aren’t home from work or school yet. For this golden half-hour or so, I have music. Several Enya albums, Mike Oldfield’s ‘Spheres’ and Craig Ogden are favourites for ‘Music to Inspect the Back of Your Eyelids’ by.

The best time for calm, however, is first thing in the morning … and the best way to portray it is if there’s water in the picture.


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