Posted by: travelrat | September 26, 2017

Travel Theme: Cosy

Whenever I visit somewhere new, and feel like a coffee, or maybe something a little stronger. I’m usually drawn to places whose names suggest warmth, comfort and intimacy. It’s not an infallible system by any means, but I do have memories of places like Chimney Corner, Copper Kettle, Polly’s Kitchen and so on. I’ll even accept Cosy Café…. as long as it’s not spelt ‘Kozy’

Away from home, it’s a bit more difficult …especially if you don’t speak the language very well. But, I have vague memories of a place in the Troödos Mountains, in Cyprus, where we all sat around a central open fire, talking, laughing and watching the blizzard outside.

We found a similar, equally agreeable set up on the slopes of Mount Kenya … it only differed slightly, in that there wasn’t a blizzard, and a monkey got in through the window,  and stole my cigarettes. Both these places were so long ago that I only have the vaguest memories … but I was reminded of them when we ate in a Greek-style restaurant in the tree-girt hills overlooking Apollo Bay in Australia.

Cosy 1

How about, though, a bit of ‘cosy’ when we’re actually travelling? Not on an aircraft, of course … I’ve never flown first class, and only used business class if someone else is paying for it. But, trains … overnight sleeper trains, I mean. I only have experience of two of these; Australia’s ‘Ghan’ and Scotland’s ‘Caledonian Sleeper’. The latter was really cosy; I dropped off shortly after leaving London, and the next thing I remember was the steward bringing my breakfast tray, and announcing we’d be in Edinburgh in 45 minutes.

Cosy 3

Or ships. On the overnight ferry to Leros, I had to share a cabin with total strangers; a German, a Spaniard and an Italian. But, we spent most of the evening talking and joking, then slept the sleep of the just, in extremely comfortable surroundings.

Cruise ship cabins, too, can sometimes … although not always … give you that cuddly, huggy feeling. On rare occasions, it’s the whole ship. ‘Discovery’, in which we sailed on the ‘Northern Lights’ cruise, was an old ship, getting close to its ‘best before’ date. But, when we got back to her, after a day in Alta sightseeing, visiting the Sami and riding a dog-sled, the crew greeted us with steaming hot chocolate. That was cosy!

Cosy 2

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  1. An interesting theme. ‘Cosy’ to me relates more to ‘cramped’ as when I was looking to downsize, the ‘cosy’ dwellings offered to me were all made for little people. I’m one of the little people myself being on the short side, but the cosy lounges, cosy bedrooms and cosy kitchens didn’t suit me at all. Fortunately, I found a place after many months which gave me large rooms and space. But I digress. I enjoyed this piece. and would love to hear more about the Kenyan experience when the monkey got in through the window.

    • The hotel … I forget its name … was built into the side of a hill, so that we went in at the back, from ‘ground level’ The accommodation was out the front, at least 30 feet above a waterhole, where we could watch the animals come to drink.. Well, we thought it was high enough to avoid unwanted visits, so left the window slightly open … and I emerged from the shower just in time to see Monkey MacMonkeyface disappearing out of the window clutching a pack of Marlboros.

      Odd thing was, my watch. lighter and wallet were on the same table, but he completely disregarded them.

      Know what you mean about the limited space in houses these days … I can’t count how many I looked at before I found one where you could get a wardrobe and chest of drawers into the bedroom AND close the door!

      • Ah! Nicotine addiction will win out every time over watches and money!

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