Posted by: travelrat | September 21, 2017

Travel Theme: Steps

Steps 3

If you ever walk the Samaria Gorge, in Crete, you will, if you have any sense, go downhill from the village of Omalos. Even this way is rather strenuous, for the first thing you have to deal with is the Xiloscalo, literally ‘wooden steps’, which lead for over a kilometre down the side of the gorge to its floor. So, naturally, when I finished the walk, I was aching in muscles I never knew I had.

The following day, I saw a pair of shoes I liked in a shop in Xania … or rather, the left shoe. The right one was in the shop; on the second floor, up a steep flight of steps. I wasn’t doing steps that day, though, so I decided I didn’t want the shoes that badly.

Steps 1

I do like steps normally, though. There are the ones that make you think ‘I wonder where these steps lead?’  There are even ones which seem to say ‘Won’t you come up here? We’ll show you something interesting!’  In the days before I abandoned the paintbrush for the camera, a lady in our painting group did a drawing of an archway and a flight of steps leading into a garden, with the sea beyond.

Steps 2

‘I like it!’  said the instructor ‘You can go down there’

Maybe ‘going down there’ is one of the reasons pictures of steps usually have great appeal? Although there are many steps which are, sometimes literally, a pain to negotiate, they’re very attractive visually. Examples are the Great Wall of China … or, maybe the zig-zag stairway at Santorini. Trust me; the view of this from the cable-car is much better than the one you get if you go up to Thira on foot or mule-back!

AI The Great Wall

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