Posted by: travelrat | September 14, 2017

Travel Theme: Sugar


That’s an easy enough thing to write about. I could rant about how bad it is for your teeth, or how it’s a stroke/heart attack/type 2 diabetes waiting to happen. Or, I could compile a boring list of ‘Things I’m not allowed to eat because they have too much sugar in them’. But, that’s not really a ‘travel theme’, is it?

So, I’m thinking of Deirdre. (That’s not her real name; if I gave it, Suzanne would kill me!) She has rather an unusual collection, gathered from travels all over the world.

It all began in the 1960s, when relatives from New Zealand came to visit her. They were an elderly couple, and under the mistaken impression that Britain was still in the grip of food rationing.

(For the record, it ended in 1954)

So, to help her out, they collected up all the little sachets of sugar they were given with their tea or coffee on planes, trains and in hotels. There was such a variety that she thought they were collectible.  So, there they are; over 50 years worth of sachets from all over the world, all stuck neatly in several albums … with the sugar taken out, of course.

I have a picture! Not taken from Suz … I mean, Deirdre’s collection, but of the sachets of sugar brought with my coffee in Spain. Although I was taken more with the name than the sugar.

Sexy Sugar

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