Posted by: travelrat | September 7, 2017

Travel Theme: Sports

‘I am reaching an age where the last sport left to me is looking for my spectacles’(Earl Grey)

Sport 3

I have reached an age where, when a question of sport arises, I can say ‘I used to …’. It works for everything except Rugby Union; the rules for that game have changed beyond recognition since I played.

At least, in other sports, the rules haven’t changed that much, it’s only the equipment that’s developed. Only the other day, I was watching some cycle racing on television, and remembering the days when we competed on the bikes we rode to school during the week.

Sport 1

One sport in which neither the technique or the kit required changed very little, from the time I took it up at school to when I ran my last competitive race in nineteen ninety-something is cross-country running. The only really noticeable thing was that people stationed at intervals offering bottles of water became more frequent.

Even when I gave up cross-country, there was still walking. A recent TV commercial tells us that ‘even a brisk ten-minute walk’ counts as ‘exercise. But, ‘they’ think that’s not enough for us creaking oldies. They’ve introduced ‘walking football’ and ‘walking hockey’. Neither appeal. ‘Walking Triathlon’ is stretching the imagination a bit, but ‘walking tennis’? That might be a goer!


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  1. I love that your blog posts are short and to the point 😍 I really enjoy reading your posts.

    • Thank you!

      That is my aim; I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, but I get rather irritated at a lot of scrolling down, or ‘page per paragraph’ click-bait.

      Same with pictures; if I have a lot of pictures to show I usually put them in the form of a slide-show, to keep things nice and compact.

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