Posted by: travelrat | August 20, 2017

Where to next?


We’ve come to the end of the ‘North Wales’ posts, but, fortunately, I still have many more posts to make of the ‘South America’ tour. Apart from that, I’m getting a bit thin on material, for, as I said earlier, we rarely go anywhere during the school holidays, waiting for the ‘shoulder season’, and quieter times.

We have a river cruise booked for next year; we’re sailing from Budapest to Amsterdam … but, that’s quite a way away. So, we looked for somewhere warm, inexpensive and interesting to go in the meantime, and, after much discussion, came up with … Corfu.

However, I haven’t been able to find much out about the place; Lonely Planet and Rough Guides each give only a few pages to it … and they mainly cover places to stay/eat, and that’s already sorted.

I do have books by the Durrell brothers, though. The Corfu Trilogy, by Gerald Durrell and Prospero’s Cell by Lawrence Durrell. I also have Hilary Paipeti’s little book, detailing where the houses in which they lived may be found. But, I don’t think we’ll be ‘doing the Durrells’, for they’re all private houses. That is, except the ‘White House’ (not mentioned in the Corfu Trilogy) where Lawrence lived with his wife, Nancy, which is now a restaurant. And, that’s on the other side of the island from where we’re staying.

But, if you remember, I had the same worries about our Caribbean cruise. Doesn’t anyone go there? Or, has it become so clichéd that nobody’s writing about it? We shall see; the upside is that, if the guidebook doesn’t have much to say about the place, you can’t be accused of ‘following the guidebook’.


Naturally, I don’t have any pictures of Corfu yet, but I have been to Greece before, so can post some ‘typically Greek’ pictures.


  1. That’s so interesting that you’re going to Corfu! I’m reading a book about the Durrells’ time there right now and I’d love to visit.

  2. You’ll enjoy Corfu I’m sure, and if guide books are few on the ground, maybe you could think of publishing one -even self-publish on Amazon. That is if you want to spend your holiday doing field research. I’m off to the Italian Lakes tomorrow, Maggiore and Como. I’ve previously been to Lake Garda and I know the Lombardy area pretty well, Milan, Cremona etc., but I’ve never been to the other lakes before, so quite looking forward to it even if the weather forecast is showing up rain.

    • The Italian Lakes was my choice, but I lost the game of ‘rock,paper,scissors’. Guide book … I really don’t fancy the idea of tramping round all those hotels, restaurants, night clubs etc. Maybe we should do like the Bradshaw guide; have those establishments take out (and presumably pay for) advertisements in the book? 😀

      • I was a travel writer for many years and it is hard work if you do it properly. Now I prefer to relax, enjoy the food without thinking I should be reporting on it, have that extra glass of wine without worrying about being seen drinking too much, and all in all, holidays are much more fun now. But thank heavens for blogging, I still have to write and take photos!

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