Posted by: travelrat | August 6, 2017

Butser Ancient Farm

Butser 1

Butser Ancient Farm: 12th July 2017

Once more, the Stonehenge people had organised a Volunteers’ Day Out for us. This time, we were going to the Butser Ancient Farm, near Petersfield. Like our friends at the Ancient Technology Centre, they’re strongly into Experimental Archaeology, and have produced buildings from the Stone Age, right up to Saxon times.

Butser 2

They’re not quite like the buildings at the ATC … or, even our own Neolithic Huts … but, it would be a foolish person who’d say ‘I am right, and you are wrong’ … especially when dealing with pre-Roman times, for there aren’t any written records, and few, if any, pictorial ones. As I’ve said before; if you give two modern builders just a floor plan, they will almost certainly come up with two different buildings.

For instance, there’s some nice wall art in one of the huts. There’s no archaeological evidence to say they did this … but, there’s none to say they didn’t, either.

Butser 3

There’s more than the buildings. They also have ancient breeds of sheep, goats and chickens, and trial plots planted with early varieties of crops. At Stonehenge, we believe our ‘settlement’ dates from the time when they were well on the way with the transition from hunter/gatherers to growing crops and domesticating animals. So, we found the type of things they would grow and rear interesting indeed.

Butser 4

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