Posted by: travelrat | August 3, 2017

Travel Theme: Primary Colours


I hadn’t really thought about it until this week’s ‘Travel Theme’ was announced, but most of the photographs I have of people in traditional national costume all show them in bright, primary colours. Especially in China, where the colour red is thought as extremely lucky. But, check out also the costumes of the Sami, and the Peruvian kids. Hardly a touch of green, orange or purple anywhere.

As most folk know, there are only three primary colours, red, blue and yellow. You probably learned from your very first paint box that you get other colours by mixing them together. Or, you should; in practice, the usual early results produced a greyish sludgy colour, like when you mix all the different colours of Plasticene into one ball.

So, I had a trawl through the archives to see what I had, keeping in mind that the theme is ‘travel’. But, a couple of them, I didn’t have to travel very far to find.

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This week’s contribution to the Travel Theme. More at

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