Posted by: travelrat | August 1, 2017

Port Stanley

Stanley 1

Falkland Islands: 7th February 2017

Back in Port Stanley, we had a choice. The minibus stopped at the memorial to those who fell in the Falklands conflict, besides a bust of Margaret Thatcher. Funnily enough, around this time, there were doubts about a statue of her in London, because of fears of vandalism. Here, they won’t hear a word said against her.

Across the water, we could see where visiting sailors of the Royal Navy picked out their ships’ names in stones on the hillside.

We could rejoin the minibus for the short ride back to the tender, or we could walk back. This allowed us a quick look around the houses; some brightly painted, others stolid and foursquare, which wouldn’t have looked out of place in a British seaside resort.

We even saw a section of the mast of the Great Britain, which was wrecked here, and subsequently returned to Britain and restored. She’s on display in Bristol nowadays; I keep meaning to go and see her, but never got around to it. At least, I can now say I’ve seen her mast!

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