Posted by: travelrat | July 27, 2017

Travel Theme: Near

Near 1

I like watching wildlife documentaries on television, and often wish I could take pictures like that. But, the best of them are taken from close-up, and many of the operators of wildlife safaris and such won’t take you too near the animals you came to see. Not out of cussedness, simply because they’re not allowed to.

Go and see whales, for instance, and the boat must keep a certain distance from the creatures. But, we live in hopes that we might, one day, come across a whale that hasn’t read the rule book. It’s probably to do with the boat’s motor. At Puerto Madryn, we were kept some distance from the sea-lions, but some people in kayaks got much nearer. And, at Kangaroo Island, in Australia, we were allowed to wander among the sea lions, with the proviso that we shouldn’t get between them and the water.

Near 3

They did put in some restrictions in the Falkland Islands. They had placed a ring of flags around the penguins, and rangers patrolled to see that they were observed. But, I still got near enough to get some reasonable pictures.

So, for really successful wildlife photography, you really need excellent tracking skills … then win the lottery, so you can buy some really excellent camera gear, and get to places where you can get really near to your subjects. (A Ph.D. in natural history is useful, too!!)

Or, you could just go to the zoo … but, that’s cheating, unless you state that it’s a captive animal.

Near 4

You need to learn some precautions, too … because there are some animals it doesn’t do to get TOO near!

Near 2

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