Posted by: travelrat | July 9, 2017

Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens

Plas Cadnant

Anglesey: 2nd April 2017

I love a garden, and I especially like one that’s been rescued from near dereliction. Cornwall’s ‘Lost Gardens of Heligan’ are probably the best-known example, Coincidentally, the Tremayne family, who owned the Heligan Gardens were related to the owners of Plas Cadnant … which was another ‘recovered lost garden’.

Plas Cadnant estate, and the gardens were established in 1804, when John Price chose the site for his elegant Georgian house, and started work on the gardens surrounding it. The Price family held the estate until after the First World War, when it was divided, and sold to various owners. The house and gardens were acquired by a keen gardener, but shortage of labour and resources meant that it dwindled in size to just a small area around the house, and the rest became overgrown and dilapidated.

Anthony Taverner

In 1996, the gardens were bought by Anthony Taverner, who set about the painstaking task of restoring them to their former glory. But, on Boxing Day, 2015, it seemed that all his hard work was undone.

A disastrous flood swept away almost all of the garden. ‘There’s been nothing like it since 1804’  we were told. But, neighbours and local farmers rallied round to help, and today, there’s no sign that anything happened here … indeed, there’s nothing to suggest that the gardens lay abandoned and derelict for half a century.

You just can’t sum up these lovely gardens in a few words, so I’ll put up a couple of pictures now, and post a slide show next time the ‘Wales Diary’ comes around.

Plas Cadnant 2

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