Posted by: travelrat | July 4, 2017

Scratch Maps


Among my Christmas presents was a World Map to hang on the wall. But, it wasn’t an ordinary map; it worked on the principle of a scratch card … you were supposed to scrape off and uncover the countries you’d been to. But, it wasn’t quite that easy.

‘Do we uncover the places I’ve been to, or just the ones we’ve both been to?’

We decided on the latter, so that was Libya, Botswana, Denmark and Malta ruled out.

Now, if you look at the larger countries, you’ll see the states and provinces of most of them are shown. So, Florida, Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon Territory, Alberta and all Australian states except Western Australia were scratched off. China, we could have the whole country, because we spent three weeks touring it.

Not Russia. It seems wrong to uncover the whole country, when we only spent ten hours in St. Petersburg.

‘But, you scratched Sweden off, and we only spent two hours there!’

That’s a bit of a problem; you can’t ‘unscratch’ anywhere. But hey, you’re not going to be jailed or fined if you ‘break the rules’ occasionally, so who’s worried?



  1. What a lovely idea, but I don’t think I’d uncover any place in which I’d spent less than 3 days. Mind you, I’m a slow traveller, slow to absorb and slow to cover the place walking. Next trip is Italy to Lake Come area. I I’m accompanying a friend who is going to climb the Matterhorn. If I were younger I might join her, but as it is …………… I may use some of her photographs to post something when we get backl.

  2. We’re looking at fairly inexpensive destinations we might try around September–isn, and the Italian Lakes are one of the contenders. My wife says we went there back in the 70s and didn’t think much of it … I’m SURE we’ve never been there! Anno Domini! 😦

    • I find that with each year, places I visit – even if I’ve been there before – become even more attractive! The ageing process??

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