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Arnside: 17th May 2017

We were just looking for somewhere in the area to lay our heads for the night, but Arnside, on the southern bank of the Kent estuary, proved to be a pleasant little place, although somewhat out of the way. We reached it from the M6, but following a tortuous labyrinth of back-roads; there is a simpler way, but since when did SATNAV use a simple way?

Low tide exposes a vast expanse of golden sand. However, it’s just for seeing, not walking on, unless you know the area well. There are channels and quicksand and, like many river estuaries, the tide comes in extremely quickly. The Coastguard station sound a siren when the tide is on the turn, and anyone on the sands hearing it is well advised to get ashore pronto.

Arnside 1

The village is especially noted for the railway viaduct across the estuary, which opened up the Furness area to the railway, but prevented ships from getting to the port of Milnthorpe, So, the ships docked at Arnside, instead, at a pier built by the railway company. They rebuilt the end of the pier when it was partially destroyed by a storm in 1934.

The pier was bought by the local Council for £100 in 1964, although, by now, it was rarely, if ever, in use. It was completely destroyed by another storm in 1983, but people cared enough about it to raise money for its rebuilding by public subscription.

It’s occasionally used by small boats, but generally, people just like to walk along it, and maybe sit and enjoy the view of the viaduct, the estuary and the hills beyond.

Kent Viaduct

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