Posted by: travelrat | June 4, 2017


Recoleta 2

Buenos Aires: 2nd February 2017.

We rounded up the tour city tour with an almost mandatory visit to the ‘dead centre of Buenos Aires’ … the Recoleta cemetery. The Argentinian love of architecture didn’t stop at the places they lived and worked in. In death, even their elaborate mausoleums seemed like an attempt to show off their power and influence, and ‘out-jones’ their neighbours.

Elsewhere in the world, there are famous cemeteries on the ‘must visit’ list, but mainly, it’s because of the famous (or infamous) people buried there. But really, there’s only one person buried here that everyone’s heard of; Eva Peron. And, of course, most of the guides shepherded their groups to her last resting place, which isn’t really prominent; just another grand monument among other equally grand constructions.

Recoleta 1

Outside a nearby café was an effigy of a man in racing overalls. Could it be another famous Argentinian; one I’d heard of even before Ms Peron was immortalised in the musical ‘Evita’? Juan-Manuel Fangio? However, closer inspection revealed that he looked nothing like Fangio. I thought of the other Argentinian racing drivers I knew of. Carlos Reutemann? Froilan Gonzalez?

Oscar Galvez

Ah! There’s a plate by the image. Oscar Alfredo Galvez! Who he? Never heard of him!

But, he must have been highly regarded, for the local motor racing circuit is named after him.

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