Posted by: travelrat | May 30, 2017

Travel Theme: Grassy

I often get visitors from overseas, who, then beholding our countryside, remark on how green everything is. All right, it isn’t always green … but most visitors tend to come at the times of year when it is.

Grass is something that we in northern Europe nearly always take for granted, unless you’re a gardener, who spends a lot of time ensuring that the grass grows where you want it, and doesn’t grow when you don’t want it. We all like a bit of grass … whether it’s for the kids to play on, or just decorative, sometimes (though more rarely nowadays) with signs at regular intervals promising dire penalties if you set one foot on it.

Even in places where grass doesn’t normally grow, you’ll usually find some, even in more arid parts of Australia. Of course, here, it has to be lovingly nurtured, frequently watered … and there’s often a notice by the sprinkler saying only ‘grey water’ is being used.

In parts of the world where even this isn’t practicable, they sometimes fence off untrodden areas and designate it ‘grass’, even though there’s none for miles around. Many a military person who has served overseas has a tale of someone getting guffed for ‘walking on the grass’ … even though the ‘hallowed ground’ contains nothing but the sands of the desert.

I sometimes get the feeling if there wasn’t any cool, green grass around, they’d make it up. Like on the golf course at Coober Pedy!

Coober Pedy Golf Course

This week’s contribution to the Travel Theme. Not much grass here, but more at


  1. Haha I love this

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