Posted by: travelrat | May 25, 2017

La Boca


La Boca 1

Buenos Aires: 2nd February 2017.

My favourite stop on the tour of Buenos Aires was the La Boca district. This was where the first settlers lived; they built a sort of shanty town, and decorated their houses with paint scrounged from passing ships. The result was a rainbow effect to rival Burano or Kinsale. That always attracts me; I love to see houses painted in bold, brash colours … although softer pastels are a close second.

La Boca 4

From time to time, ladies in expensive looking evening dresses would approach. I thought the worst (and obvious) at first … but in broad daylight, and with wives present? Surely not?

Maybe they wanted to show us how to dance the tango, or maybe be photographed with them, looking like we were dancing the tango … for a fee, of course. I never found out for sure, for I didn’t take anyone up on the offer. I was wearing my ‘city-sightseeing-but-trying-not-to-look-too-much-like-a-tourist’ rig, but still thought I’d just look ridiculous. But, maybe, if I’d been wearing a suit?

La Boca 5

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