Posted by: travelrat | May 16, 2017

Travel Theme: Cream

Cream! What a difficult thing to write about, because I rarely use it. I drink black tea, black coffee and usually buy semi-skimmed milk. It’s not that I don’t like it; it’s just that I like to see my boots occasionally, without leaning too far forward.

That makes it much more welcome when I do indulge, though. I’ve never forgotten those delicious meals we had when I stayed at a place in the French Alps. Every morning, the chef’s wife jumped on her bike to get fresh dairy produce from a nearby farm. And, with freshly-churned butter, and cream that was still in the cow a few hours ago … even commonplace stuff like scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes became treats worth walking miles for.

Another indulgence I occasionally allow myself is reserved for very cold days. Hot chocolate, with all the trimmings! At my favourite coffee bar in winter … they always check the outside temperature when I come in; it it’s below freezing, they know I’ll want hot chocolate!



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  1. You should not post pictures of creamy hot chocolate when I’ve prepared a salad for supper!! Now I shall have to follow that with some cheese although I’ve already had my cheese ration for today. Like you, I drink my coffee black, I never drink tea, but I do like a glass of full-cream milk for lunch. Luckily, my local farm still delivers milk – in lovely glass bottles!

    • I didn’t drink tea, either, until I discovered green tea. And, after South America earlier this year, I could get quite used to yerba mate. Jackie, the chef’s wife I wrote about, did even better than bottles. She took her can down to the farm, and they filled it for her. I remember my mother saying that they used to buy milk like this.

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