Posted by: travelrat | May 14, 2017

Buenos Aires

Casa Rosada

Buenos Aires: 2nd February 2017

The ship wasn’t due to sail from Buenos Aires until the evening of the second day, so we took the city tour. It completely reversed my first impression; I can only think the driver was trying to take a short cut through the less salubrious area of town … which didn’t work. The city proved to be just as confused and bustling, but in a friendly sort of way. There was much to see, especially in the way of architecture. Most styles seem to meet here.

One building in particular reminded me so much of the Metropolis in Madrid that I wondered if one was modelled on the other.

In Washington, they have the White House, but in Buenos Aires, the President’s Executive Mansion and offices are in the Pink House …  or, to give it its correct name, the Casa Rosada.

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