Posted by: travelrat | May 11, 2017

Reflections and the Ffestiniog Railway Video


If you want to take pictures from a vehicle, be it bus, train or car, it’s best to position yourself by a window that will open. When the ‘Rocky Mountaineer’ folk held a photo competition last year, I found that, although I took many photos, only a handful made the cut. They were mainly the ones I took from the open platform at the end of the carriage.

The problem is reflections … only if you push your camera right up against the glass will you cut down on them. Yet, I constantly see folk standing in the central aisle, popping away with their cameras; maybe, though, they just want a souvenir, and are prepared to accept a less-than-perfect picture?

Curiously, though, reflections are more acceptable to me on video … like on this footage I took of our ride on the Ffestiniog Railway.


“Iron Horse” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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