Posted by: travelrat | May 7, 2017

Crown Princess

Crown Princess

Buenos Aires: 1st February 2017

Today started really early. Although the flight to Buenos Aires didn’t leave until 8am, we had to cross the Argentinian border to the airport, with all the paperwork and waiting that entailed … so that we flew down on a domestic flight rather than an international one.

I wasn’t that impressed with Buenos Aires initially, as we made our way through squalid-looking, traffic-jammed back streets to the ship. But, we had a city tour booked for the following day, so, that impression was be corrected to a large extent.

At first glance, our ship, the Crown Princess, seemed a little bit too big for my tastes, and, throughout the following two weeks, I did feel a little uncomfortable in it … not physically uncomfortable, I hasten to add, just a feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

I usually show some pictures of the ‘important people’ on board … but, we never saw the Captain or the Executive Chef. And, they kept changing the waiters on our table.

But, there was an Important Person we did see a lot of. The amusing and entertaining Port Lecturer, Julio Delgado Corredor.


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