Posted by: travelrat | May 2, 2017

Travel Theme: Balls

‘I play Cinderella tennis. That is, I don’t quite get to the ball’ (Larry Adler)

I wouldn’t like to guess how many sports you can play that involve a ball, but I’d think a goodly proportion. Balls is a word you can play with, too. Maybe you could go to a ball, or a formal dance, or you could go to a more casual affair, and just have a ball. Or, if you are a rather vulgar person, you could use the word to convey frustration or disagreement.

For something completely different, though, I’ll look at a sculpture. It’s in the Rundle Mall in Adelaide. It probably has an ‘official’ name, but it’s known far and wide as the Mall’s Balls.

Mall's Balls

You can use this for a rather unusual purpose. Normally, I’m not a great fan of the ‘selfie’ … in fact, I have every sympathy with the guy on YouTube, who went around with a pair of bolt-croppers, chopping every selfie stick he saw.

But, here’s a selfie with a difference! No selfie-stick needed!



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  1. The perfect selfie!
    And another ‘ball’. I’ve just invested in a Swedish exercise ball which my physiotherapist recommended I use as a seat to strengthen my back – he uses one himself. It’s a hardened plastic ball you inflate and because you have to balance yourself on it while at the computer, it does make you sit up straight.

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