Posted by: travelrat | April 23, 2017

Travel Theme: Earth

Earth 1

‘Save the Earth. It’s the only planet with beer!’ (Unknown)

I’m a great addict of quiz shows, and I’m often amused at the number of times contestants get questions related to a particular place wrong.

‘Which planet has only one moon?’

‘Which planet lies between Mars and Venus?’ Or even:

‘Name a planet that begins with the letter E’

The answer, of course, is Earth, and it’s surprising how little people know that, or know much about it. Especially since it’s the place we all live, and, at the moment, the only planet we’ve got.

Some time ago, the late Arthur C. Clarke said something to the effect that we know more about the surface of the Moon than what lies under the surface of our own oceans. But, of course, that knowledge is increasing, thanks to the researches of pioneers Beebe and Barton, right through to the present members of the Cousteau family … and brought into our living rooms by Sir David Attenborough and his like.

Earth 2

Nevertheless, I’ve read reports of sea creatures washed up having ingested fatal amounts of plastic, and seen a distressing photo of a turtle with its shell horribly distorted, through having been caught, when much younger, in the plastic thingy that holds a six-pack of beer together.

Earth 3

You just need to take a walk along a beach to find plastic in all its shapes and forms. Where does it come from? Probably not from ships; most cruise lines frown on anyone throwing anything overboard. Anyone caught doing so might be put off at the next port … and counting themselves lucky that walking the plank would go against the ‘nothing overboard’ policy.

Earth 4

So, make sure that, when you’ve finished your water, or whatever, the bottle goes in a recycle bin. It can be recycled; I’m informed that my fleece jacket was made from recycled plastic bottles. But, I’ve been told not to wash it too often; the scientists say that the plastic microfibres are harmful to sealife, too.

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Earth 5

(I didn’t want to illustrate this piece with gloomy pictures of plastic litter, so I’ll use some pictures of this fantastic planet instead)

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