Posted by: travelrat | April 18, 2017

Bow Falls and Bears

Bow Falls 1

Calgary: 19th May 2016

On our last day in Canada … it rained!

Our hotel was right on the outskirts of Banff, so I had time for a quick look around to get some shots of the cloud, the mountains and the forest before the bus came to take us to Calgary Airport and home.

But, just after the bus had left Banff … we saw bears! Three black bears, presumably Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Little Baby Bear, wandering unconcernedly along the railway track, which ran parallel to the road. I sincerely hope they had read the train time-tables.

Unfortunately, this was just a shuttle to the airport, not a tourist coach, so the driver didn’t stop, or even slow down appreciably. And, since I didn’t think we’d have any photo opps, and I didn’t fancy sitting with my small backpack on my knee all the way to Calgary, my camera stuff was all in the bowels of the luggage compartment. With hindsight, maybe I should have slipped my GoPro into a pocket?.

So, the only bear picture we got from the whole trip was a not-very-good pic of the rear end of a black bear shambling away from an Alaskan roadside. As good an excuse as any for a return trip, I think?

When we got to the airport, I suddenly remembered something I’d forgotten; something you can’t leave Canada without. Maple syrup! Trouble is, the airport shops only sold it in maple-leaf-shaped souvenir bottles. I bought the smallest one, which should do for a few helpings of porridge. It was much later that one of my Canadian friends told me I could have gone into a supermarket, and bought a litre can of the stuff for about the same price.

I don’t want to leave the ‘Canada Diary’ with a picture of a grey, drizzly Banff … so, here’s a picture and a short video of the walk we did on the banks of the Bow River the previous day.


“Movement Proposition” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


  1. Maybe just as well you didn’t have your camera as sometimes taking a picture distracts one from concentrating on the moment in hand, and in this case, the sight of black bears ambling along a railway track surely deserved your full attention. Know how you feel though, I’ve been in the same position and regretted missing that great shot.

    • I do try not to see the world through a viewfinder ALL the time; years ago, someone said to me ‘Take your pictures. Then, put your camera away, and just watch’. But, usually, I keep it handy in case something unexpected happens (I probably have the only mobile phone in the free world that doesn’t take pictures 😀 )

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