Posted by: travelrat | April 13, 2017

Iguaçu Falls: Brazilian Side

Foz do Iguaçu: 30th January 2017

 You will come across different spellings for the falls. On the Argentinian side, where they speak Spanish, it’s ‘Iguazu’; on the Portuguese-speaking Brazilian side it’s ‘Iguaçu’ … or, ‘Iguassu’ if you have a typewriter that doesn’t do the cedilla, or you can’t find the ‘Character Map’.

Iguaçu 1

 Although the hotel we’re staying at is called the Viale Cataratas, and it’s on the Avenida das Cataratas, you can’t see the falls from the window … or even if you take a short stroll down the road. By my reckoning, the Brazilian Falls are a good dozen miles away, as the crow flies; probably nearer twenty by road.

And, you don’t go all the way by road. The coach drops you off at a point where a land train takes you part of the way to the start of a path which leads through the forest, past several different points from which the falls can be viewed.

Iguaçu Falls isn’t somewhere you spend an hour at, take a couple of pictures then hop on the coach to the next attraction. For a start, the National Park containing them is in two countries. Although we’re in the middle of a rain forest, we didn’t see much in the way of wildlife except for the coatis usually attracted by the food scraps left by visitors.

Coati 1

We took the ‘optional extra’ of a boat ride to the base of the falls. Not only did it get close, but actually entered one of them, thoroughly soaking all on board, much to their delight. And, I have a message for the people at ‘Regatta’. Your waterproofs aren’t!!

 However, my GoPro camera is waterproof, and I got some good footage. I shudder to think how a ‘regular’ camera would have come out of that torrent.

Iguassu Boat Ride-0

Dinner that night was another ‘Brazilian Barbecue’ in a nearby restaurant called ‘Rafain’ Just a buffet, carvery style dinner, but followed by a show of singing and dance from all over South America.


  1. Looks beautiful!

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