Posted by: travelrat | March 12, 2017



We couldn’t leave Canada without trying the national dish. Or, at least, I couldn’t. We called into Mcdonalds, in Banff for a lunchtime burger, and I saw that there was poutine on offer. Since I’ve heard so much about it, I had to try some.

So, chips, served with cheese curd and gravy! It sounds revolting, but it really tastes quite nice. And, I heard later that Mcdonalds doesn’t serve the best poutine; for the good stuff, you’re best to go to an independent eaterie, preferably in eastern Canada. Or, better still, a food truck.

Another thing you can’t leave Canada without is maple syrup. My Scottish friends would disagree, but there’s nothing like it on your porridge on a cold morning. But, my mistake was waiting till I got to the airport to buy it. All there was there was rather twee little souvenir bottles, on sale at a rather inflated price. Whereas, for the same price. I could have gone into a supermarket, and bought a litre can.

Still, I’ll know next time!


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