Posted by: travelrat | February 24, 2017

Rocky Mountaineer: Day 2 Kamloops-Banff


As we pulled out of Kamloops on Day 2, we climbed into the high country, into even more spectacular scenery. We passed lakes and snow-capped mountains, as we climbed ever higher, watching all the time for wildlife. All we saw, though, was an occasional eagle and the odd Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep. But, I do realise that it doesn’t appear on demand. Some folk expect it to stand by the trackside and wave!

A spectacular feat of engineering is … or should that be are? … the Spiral Tunnels. It’s a rare privilege to ride through these, for the Rocky Mountaineer is the only passenger train to do so, otherwise the line is confined to freight.

Climbing loops aren’t all that rare; there’s even one in Britain, on the narrow-gauge Ffestiniog Railway. But, this one’s in a tunnel, which I believe is unique? And, it’s possible for the driver of a super-long freight train leaving the tunnel to look up (or down) and see the rear end of his train entering.


Another delicious meal was prepared by Ana (she’s the one in the middle, if you hadn’t guessed!) and served by Adriane and Falon … who also commentated on what was to be seen.

What, indeed, was to be seen? I’ll try and find some more video, to sum it all up!

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