Posted by: travelrat | February 22, 2017

Tendering Ashore


Back home, with, as usual, sheaves of notes, pictures, video and audio recordings to get through. So, I’ll hold off diving straight into posting about our trip for a couple of days, when, hopefully, things will be a little bit more together around here.

What I will do, though, is pass on a little wrinkle I gleaned along the way.

When you’re considering a cruise, have a good look at the itinerary, and check at which ports you will anchor, and go ashore by tender. This is usually denoted by, at least, an anchor besides the name of the port.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing; it all depends on the number of tenders available, the number of passengers on the ship and the distance your ship is anchored from the shore. Even in the best case, it does mean a little more waiting around than if you just walked off the ship, and did whatever you had to do.

Our worst-case scenario was at Ushuaia. We were supposed to dock there, but our berth got grabbed by Celebrity Cruises … a pox and a plague on them … and it turned out that the first landing place designated for our tenders was ruled unsatisfactory. A landing place was finally found, but it was nearly 1030 by the time we got ashore, and our excursion, a ride on the Southernmost Railway in the World, had to be cancelled.

At least, we’d booked through the cruise line, so our money was refunded. But, we heard of someone who had booked privately, so got nothing back. We know people who always book private tours … I’m not saying don’t do it; just keep these points in mind if you do.


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