Posted by: travelrat | January 23, 2017

Ready for the Off … Just About


The other day, the postman left a package. It contained the itinerary for the ‘land element’ of ‘Big Trip 17’, as well as other good stuff from Wendy Wu Tours. If you scroll back far enough, you’ll see we travelled to China with them three years ago, and have nothing but praise for them. So, the South America trip should be just as good.

So, finally, all the ducks are in a row, and we just have to pack, and trundle off down the hill (or, maybe, catch the bus!) to board the National Express coach to London Airport. Only two more shaves to go!

As usual, I won’t be posting in any great depth while I’m away; just the occasional ‘position report’, and maybe upload the odd photo to Facebook or Twitter. (That’s almost an essential these days; saves a fortune on postcards and stamps!) The real posts start when I get home, and have a chance to sit down and polish my words, pictures and videos a bit.

I did try to learn a little more Spanish in recent weeks, but it’s still rather basic. And, I suspect they use a widely different kind of Spanish in Argentina, Chile and Peru than they do in Madrid.

So, all that remains is sort out what we must take; prioritise what we’d like to take … and keep it within the limits of what the airline will allow … and what we can carry!

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