Posted by: travelrat | January 20, 2017



Kamloops 16/17th May 2016,

 We weren’t, initially, too impressed with Kamloops. It wasn’t that is was bad, just … ordinary. But, maybe I’m being unfair to the place by forming an opinion based on a brief visit.

We stayed at the Thompson Hotel, where our luggage, which we last saw in Vancouver, appeared in our room. The following morning, it disappeared again, to reappear later in the day in our hotel room in Banff; just one example of the Rocky Mountaineer people ‘going the extra mile’ for their guests.


We took a walk down the street in search of a sandwich, and later, I wandered down to the railway station to see if I could get some pictures of the Rocky Mountaineer’s loco. But, the train wasn’t there! Maybe they’d taken it elsewhere, for cleaning and servicing, or maybe I’d just gone to the wrong place?

I did, though, take one or two pictures; the record of our travels just wouldn’t be complete without them.  And, I did like that mural of the old train.


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