Posted by: travelrat | January 18, 2017

Travel Theme: Walking


‘If you just want to get there, you can take a carriage, but to travel, you must walk’ (J-J Rousseau)

I’ve been walking ever since … well … I could walk!

Some of us just walk of necessity, to get from A to B when there’s no transport … or, at least, no affordable transport … available. Others walk for recreation, which is a fairly recent innovation. It’s not all that long ago that the founders of the Ramblers Association declared that ‘ ,,, walking has replaced gin as the cheapest way out of Manchester’

If you go anywhere by tourist coach or car, you are isolated, to a great extent, to what’s around you; you’re isolated to a somewhat lesser extent if you shuffle around in a cloud of like-minded souls with an eye on the guide’s umbrella. Fortunately, most guides will eventually say something like: ‘You have free time. Be back at the coach in an hour’. That’s when the travelling starts.


Better still is the package holiday brochure which, from time to time, contains the words ‘At Leisure’  in the itinerary. You could spend this time lazing on the beach, or whatever … or you could visit some attraction that catches your fancy. Or, you could just walk.

Some of the mail that comes through my letter box offers me walking holidays. Much as I like walking, that’s not really my thing. I’m not all that keen on being shepherded around in a group, whatever the surroundings. I’ll usually go with one or two friends, though; we can stop when we like, rest awhile when we like, choose which way we’re going to go when we get there. And, if the weather changes, we can decide to knock it on the head, and go to the pub instead!


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    • Like the clear, readable layout and the great photography. I don’t have any plans to visit India in the immediate future, but it looks like a useful resource for anyone who does.

      • Thanks a lot. Keep visiting us 🙂

  2. Indeed. Walking is the way to get out there exploring. Afterall it is harder to get the sights to come to you! LOL.

  3. Your articles always inspire and your quotes are always bang-on and I’ve added two from this article to my ‘swipe file’. Lovely photographs that enhance the text.

  4. You might find you like walking holidays more than you expect!

    I went on my first official walking holiday with my husband, and we were not shepherded around at all… the tour operators just gave us instructions for possible walks, then we did it all ourselves. You might like that. 🙂

    I started to write about it here, but I’ll probably add more as it was so fun:

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