Posted by: travelrat | January 13, 2017

Looking for Wifi


When I’m researching places to where I’m travelling, one of my first questions is ‘Is there wifi?’

It’s not a complete deal-breaker if there isn’t, but it is nice to have, and, if I have to choose between two places; one with wifi and one without, the ‘with’ will usually get it. However, many hotels offer free wifi these days, some make a small charge … and if they don’t have it at all, you can usually find a coffee bar or something nearby that has.

There was one place in Ketchikan that handed me a little slip of paper with my coffee. That contained the password for the wifi … even though I didn’t ask for it.

However, I’m not into posting my every move on social media while I’m away; I prefer to wait till I get home to put my notes into some sort of order before going live with them. But, I do check in when I can find a connection, read my email and sometimes post a picture on social media; it’s way cheaper than sending postcards.

Part of my next trip, though, will be a cruise … and, although most ships these days do carry wifi, it’s usually slow, and rather expensive. One lady told me she’d just managed to open her email page, when her daily allocation ran out. You can, however, usually find a free or inexpensive connection when you go ashore. The best way to find this is … follow the crew! They rarely use the ship’s wifi either.

I remember just outside the cruise terminal in Gibraltar, seeing several people on their devices, sitting on the pavement outside the Seamen’s Mission … the Port Chaplain, with whom I was talking at the time, told me they were using the wifi in his office.


  1. That one is definitely my favorite. Glad to make smiles.

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