Posted by: travelrat | December 20, 2016

Vancouver Slide Show


At this time of year, I usually take a short break from blogging, and this year is no exception. I was going to start posting about the ride on the Rocky Mountaineer train from Vancouver to Banff, but I’ll save that for after Christmas, so as to not leave any ‘loose ends’ lying about.

So, I’ll round off our all-too-short visit to Vancouver with a slide show.

There are quite a few pictures here taken on our short walks along the False Creek Seawall. This extends almost all the way around Vancouver; the area was, originally, heavily industrialised, but is now a pleasant walk or bike ride; the two are firmly segregated, but in a none too aggressive way.

Our hotel, the Georgian Court, was situated a short way from the seawall, and offers the free use of bikes … unfortunately, we didn’t really have time, for it would have been extremely pleasant to enjoy a traffic-free ride all the way to Stanley Park.

So, all that remains is to wish all who celebrate it a Happy Christmas … and, if I’m not back at the computer in time, a Happy New Year,

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  1. When we were in Vancouver to board the cruise we did not get to see much of the city. Many thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful holiday!

    • You cruised the Inside Passage to Alaska? We’d done the cruise, and filling in the hiatus between that and the train ride. Wish we’d planned for longer, though.

      Happy Christmas!

      • Yes we did that inside passage cruise and continued on in Alaska to Fairbanks. Next time we want to do the rockies!

  2. What a lovely slide show, I really enjoyed this.
    Have a good rest from the blogging, don’t overeat but you’re entitled to an extra drink, or two, then let’s have the story of the ride on the Rocky Mountaineer early in 2017.

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