Posted by: travelrat | December 18, 2016

Travel Theme: Shimmer


I have to be very careful doing the Travel Theme this week. The theme is shimmer … and I don’t want this post to descend into a grinchy rant about Christmas lights. I like lights as well as the next person, but I feel a lot of pudding gets over-egged in efforts by individuals, and corporations to ‘outjones’ their neighbours. It’s not really travel, anyway.

Now, folk who do light really well are the Chinese. On our tour of China a couple of years ago, we saw some really good light shows … one, by the designer of the epic Beijing Olympics show. But for shimmering … probably the best were the musical fountains in Xi’an


Nature’s pretty good at producing shimmer, too; you just need to get the light, some wind and some water in the same place at the same time. However, the times that happens are rather limited, and extremely difficult to capture on camera. We saw the effect several times on our train journey across the Rocky Mountains.

But, could I get it? I suppose I could have put a starburst filter on my camera … better still, made some video.


This week’s contribution to the Travel Theme. See more at


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