Posted by: travelrat | December 15, 2016

Big Trip 17: The Cruise Bit

Crown Princess

We got the arrangements for ‘Big Trip 17’ a little more together when we booked our excursions for the cruise phase.

We shall board the Crown Princess at Buenos Aires, and call at the following ports:

Punta del Este, Uruguay

There doesn’t seem to be a lot to do here; we may just wander around and see what is to be seen … even if it’s just to tick Uruguay of the list.

Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Sea lions and dolphins. I can’t get enough of these guys … hopefully, I’ll get some decent photos this time. My best dolphin pix so far are of captive dolphins, and my sea lion images are all on slide.

Port Stanley

Penguins! There are several types of penguin to be seen; we’re going to Bluff Cove to see Rockhoppers. Incidentally, I was wondering what a group of penguins is called; it’s a ‘colony’, a ‘huddle’ or a ‘waddle’ when they’re on land, and a ‘raft’ when they’re at sea.

Ushuaia, Argentina

I just couldn’t resist a ride on the Tren el Fiño del Mundo. Or ‘Train at the End of the World’; the world’s southernmost railway. I first heard of it from someone who met a Welshman driving it. There is a sizeable Welsh colony in Patagonia … but this was a real Welshman, taking a ‘busman’s holiday’ from driving for the Talyllyn Railway in Wales.

Punta Arenas, Chile

We don’t have anything booked here. There’s a RIB ride to Magdalena Island on offer, possibly with the opportunity to see more marine wildlife on the way … but we want to have a look at the weather and general conditions before committing ourselves.

Puerto Montt, Chile

We’re going inland for this one: the Orsano Volcano … it’s still active, but hasn’t erupted in living memory, the Petrohue river, which has a spectacular waterfall and Puerto Varas, a German settlement.

Arrive in Santiago, Chile, for the next phase of the trip.


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