Posted by: travelrat | December 11, 2016

Travel Theme: Fiery


When you think of it, we owe a great deal of our progress from the Stone Age to someone, somewhere, working out that rubbing two sticks together produces fire … sometimes! Although Bear Grylls, and others of his kind make it look so easy on television, anyone who’s ever been in the Scouts or the Guides will tell you it’s not.

But, early Man persevered, and the fire became the focal point for many of his activities. It would be used for heating and cooking, and maybe even lighting after dark, for there’s no evidence of when lamps and candles came into use.

Later, more and more heat was produced, enabling the production of metals … first, copper and bronze, later iron and then steel.


But, basically, the fire became the focal point around which people gathered. When working in the woods back in the 60s, the first thing you’d do is light a fire … which is rather frowned on these days … which you’d use to burn any brashings or undergrowth you’d cleared, and which you’d sit around at ‘snap time’, exchanging stories and gossip. And, one of my favourite memories of early days in the Air Force is when we’d sit, yarning and reminiscing, around the coke stove in our hut.

The coke stove has, of course, gone the way of button sticks and hairy uniforms long ago; even in most modern houses, the fireplace has been replaced by the television as the point of focus.


But, I still like fiery. My favourite non-alcoholic drink is described as ‘fiery’ ginger beer. And, I love a curry! And, since I sometimes volunteer in the Neolithic Huts at Stonehenge … we sometimes light a fire, and sit around it talking … just like early man may have done.

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