Posted by: travelrat | December 4, 2016

Travel Theme: Cheerful

‘Come, cheer up, my lads, ‘tis to glory we steer

And we’ll add something more to this wonderful year ….’


Cheerful! That’s a nice easy one. I have lots of photos of cheerful people … I thought. Indeed, I did … but, in the midst of most of them, there was almost always someone who looked as if he or she had just found a human finger in the stew.

So, I’ve had to turn to two little chaps who are always cheerful; My two youngest grandsons, William and Elliot.


But, is that really travel? True, I have to drive over 200 miles if I want to see them, but let’s have a look further afield. When you’re travelling, you really want to see a cheerful face when you arrive at your destination, especially if you’ve had a long, tiring flight or ride to get there.

I don’t mean the artificial, ‘I’m tired and hungry, my feet are killing me but I must smile because it’s company policy’ kind of thing, but the genuine, feel good cheerfulness that shines through even if the person is tired, hungry etc. And, that kind of attitude really rubs off.

Look at this photo of one of our hostesses on the ‘Rocky Mountaineer’ train. It was a long day for her; she never seemed to stop … and this photo was taken at the end of the second day!


And, I had to include this cheery chap, who I photographed at a travel fair in Dresden some years ago. I took the photo initially because he bore such a close resemblance to a friend of mine. But, he was such an effervescent character, it just had to go in my ‘keeper’ file.



This week’s contribution to the Travel Theme. Charge up your ‘Cheerful’ batteries some more at



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