Posted by: travelrat | November 29, 2016

False Creek and Granville Island.


Vancouver: 14th May 2016

I think just about everyone who’s lived in, or visited Sydney has ridden on one of the harbour ferries at some time. Vancouver has ferries, too, again, which just about everyone who’s been there has sailed on at one time or another. They ply on False Creek, the waterway which almost separates downtown Vancouver from the rest of the city.

On the hop on/hop off bus tour, you have the option of remaining on the bus as it crosses a bridge over the creek, or taking the ferry, and meeting the bus on the other side. No prizes for guessing which one we chose!

When the ‘little blue ferries’ started operation in 1982, with only two boats, False Creek was an area of grim factories. But, the industry declined, and the area was developed into a residential one, set in parkland, where people wanted to live. A real boost came when Vancouver hosted Expo 86, and the area and the ferry service expanded rapidly, to its present day 14 boats.


They are all purpose-built, charmingly tubby little craft, which are reasonably priced, whether you want to sail the length of the creek, or just cross it. We sailed on it twice; the first, as already mentioned, was covered as part of our hop on-hop off bus ticket. We just crossed the creek to the famous markets of Granville Island, but didn’t stay long there, for the bus was waiting for us on the other side.

But, on the following day, we crossed again, for we wanted a longer look around the market. We strolled around, watched some street performers … and I think this is probably the first time we ever visited a market and didn’t buy anything, apart from our lunchtime sandwich.



  1. We only spent a couple of days in Vancouver as most of our time was divided between BC and touring the rest of Canada. I didn’t manage a trip on the ferry but it looks interesting. I loved Vancouver and we actually had two days of sunshine wall to wall.

    • Our thoughts exactly; only a short interval between the cruise and the train ride, so we tried to see as much as possible … Stanley Park and Granville Island, for instance, each really deserved a full day. And, of course, things we’d like to have seen, but didn’t! We, too, were lucky with the weather … according to friends who live there. it’s been wet and miserable for the last two weeks or so.

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