Posted by: travelrat | November 27, 2016

Travel Theme: Forest


‘Take any tree. Hang a sign on it announcing ‘Something marvellous is going on here!’. Everybody who has the least sense of wonder will stop and find out what is going on’ (Rutherford Platt)

Of course, there is no such sign, but it isn’t really needed. There’s something about trees … especially a forest, which, like a cathedral, calls for hushed voices and a quiet tread. You need to do these things anyway, for you’ll see much more, because the forest contains not only trees.

It’s not only a place of silence, though; It’s shade from the sun, or shelter from the wind. Or, just a place of great beauty, especially in the Autumn.

One of my greatest ambitions is to visit the sequoia groves of the Pacific coast. I have seen individual sequoias in Europe, but the oldest of these are mere youngsters of around 150 years. To walk among a forest of fully-grown monsters must be really something.

One of the strangest forests I have ever seen … alas, I have no photographs … is the Roldeskov, in the Rebild National Park in Denmark. In the midst of it is a grove of beech trees, which have taken up some really surrealistic shapes … on particularly gnarled specimen has taken on an almost circular form. It is said that passing a child through this gap will ensure its immunity from rickets, and a brass plate commemorates the occasion  in the 1950s, when Princess Margarethe and her sisters were so treated,

And, that has to be the first; witnessing the place where they once pushed the Queen of Denmark through a hole on a beech tree.

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