Posted by: travelrat | November 24, 2016



Although we haven’t got around to booking the excursions for our upcoming cruise yet, one thing’s for certain. We will see penguins. Now, it may be asked: what are you getting so excited about? You saw penguins in Australia last year!

That, to my mind is like wondering why get so excited about the eagles in Alaska, when you can see birds simply by looking out of the kitchen window towards my feeders?

Because, of course, there are many kinds of penguin. The ones we saw in Australia are Little Penguins aka Blue Penguins alias Little Blue Penguins formerly known as Fairy Penguins. They’re the only species of blue and white penguin; all the others are black and white.

Although we saw those penguins, we weren’t allowed to photograph them, for, by day, they are out at sea feeding, and only return to their burrows at night, and photographic flash damages their eyes. However, I do have some photos, taken by daylight at various zoos and marine parks.

But, that’s not the case with most other penguins. They can be seen quite clearly by daylight, usually in vast colonies. And, sometimes, their antics on shore have made them a subject for many a TV wildlife documentary; in fact, I’ve just seen one made with a ‘penguin cam’ in the middle of the flock. (I must look that up; what is the collective noun for a group of penguins?)

So, in the coming months, I hope I shall be able to tell more about penguins than you really wanted to know. And, hopefully, get some nice photos and video.


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