Posted by: travelrat | November 3, 2016

The List Gets Longer


When I did my ‘dart list’ last week, I deliberately didn’t include anywhere in Australia. I visit there quite often, and, although I’ve seen a lot of stuff there, it seems that, every time, the list gets longer, not shorter. So, I’ve made a separate list … two lists, really; places I have yet to see, and places I’ve been, but wouldn’t mind revisiting.

So, first list:

Younghusband Peninsula and the Coorong

Savannahlander Railway


Rottnest Island

(we have yet to set foot in Western Australia or Tasmania)

Hunter Valley

Visit the Endeavour replica, if it’s still at Darling Harbour

Broome (with a firm grip on the credit card!)

and, I have yet to see a cassowary in the wild.

Revisit List:

Great Barrier Reef

Kangaroo Island

Victor Harbor (preferably, during the whale season)

Pichi Richi Railway

Katoomba (when it’s NOT misty!)

A tall order; I don’t think we’ll ever achieve them all … but we’ll probably add yet more items to the list!



  1. Adding to the list is half the fun. Here’s hoping you get to visit most of it 🙂

    • A s Cecil Rhodes said ‘So much to do; so little time’ … one of the very few sensible things he ever said !!

  2. We want to get to Uluru and see the Ayer’s rock!

    • We did that; it’s one of those places that exceeds your expectations in every way. I didn’t put it on the list because you have to stop somewhere! 😀

      • LOL, add another post!

      • Already have posted about it … I’d go again tomorrow, because I have a better camcorder these days! Check out ‘Red Centre’ in my categories for more!

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