Posted by: travelrat | October 27, 2016

Where to next?


Last week, a forum I often take part in asked the following question:

‘How do you choose where to go for your next trip?’

That’s rather a difficult one to answer concisely; usually it’s a combination of books, magazines, TV programmes, social media, recommendations of friends and even the odd unsolicited brochure through the letter box that help you decide.

I suggested this method. Pin a map of the world to the wall, close your eyes and throw a dart at it. Repeat until the dart lands somewhere you like, and can afford.

Actually, I know where I’m going next; that would be the big South America trip next year. But, after that?

Well, we haven’t even really discussed it yet; I suppose it depends on how much money we have left after South America. But, purely conjectural at this stage, here’s my ‘dart list’

River Cruise; Rhine and/or Danube


Sailing ship cruise

Italy (preferably lakes, with maybe a day trip to Rome)

Eastern Canada (preferably in Autumn)

Jordan, western Canada, Alaska, Norway … no ‘been there; done it here. They’re definitely places I’d like to revisit.

Looks like I need to keep buying the Lottery tickets!


  1. What about Cameroon? Ever heard about Cameroon? One of the best countries in the world to visit. I’ll be there to wait for you. Hahaha!

  2. I’ll go anywhere, but since the death of my husband and having to travel either alone or with a friend, it limits my choices somewhat. Nevertheless, I have a long list of places still to visit and places to which I want to return (I can never have enough of Sicily, for instance). Next up is Khao Lak in Thailand in February. I hope to spend a week there before flying up to Bangkok and then down to Hua Hin, all depending on the political situation in that country. If not there, then a rest and relax in the warmth of Maspalomas in the Canarias.

    • You’re restricted in some way whether you travel alone or with a companion. There are places it’s inadvisable, especially if you’re female, to travel alone … and if with a companion, you’re really confined to places you both like. And, if you go in a group, you’re sometimes sat around alone like ‘Billy No Mates’!

      Not to worry, though … there are plenty of places you can go, even with these constraints.

      Hope you get to Thailand; looking forward to reading about it if you do.

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