Posted by: travelrat | October 23, 2016

Travel Theme: Playing


Ailsa picked an excellent ‘Travel Theme’ this week: PLAYING.

Like most words in the English language it can mean many things. All are good photographic subjects … well, nearly all; the teenager hunched over his device living out the latest fantasy could be said to be ‘playing’. But, that’s a long way off the carefree frolics of childhood, which do provide really good photographic potential, especially if they’re doing something which was frowned upon when we were kids.

A word of warning, though. I always ensure there’s a parent or responsible adult close by, and always introduce myself and ask permission.


You’re on safer ground is if someone’s playing a musical instrument … although, again, it’s good to ask permission. Pointing at your camera and raising an eyebrow will usually do, and the reply will usually be a nod. If the musician is a street busker, drop something in his hat, and, if you intend to use the image for commercial purposes, drop something more in his hat!


However, you don’t need permission, or make a donation if you want to photograph a fountain. That can be said to ‘play’, too.  I even have a picture of children playing in a playing fountain!


If we make video, we can also use the word in both senses. Here’s one I made in China a couple of years ago … fountains playing and music playing.

This week’s contribution to the Travel Theme. See more at


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