Posted by: travelrat | October 18, 2016

100 Days to Go


18th October 2016. Nothing particularly outstanding about the date, apart from the usual question: ‘Where did the year go?’. It’s significant for us, though, because today it is exactly 100 days until our next scheduled trip.

Which is a good thing, because I’m running short on ‘blogunition’. I think I have enough stuff on the Canada/Alaska trip to keep us going until we leave, but the Australia budget is rapidly coming to an end. I’ll wrap that up with a slide show of the pix I took on the day trip we did in our last week there.

There is the off-chance that something may come up in the meantime … a blog trip, maybe, or an offer too tasty to refuse? But, as my dear Grandma used to say ‘If tha’s got nowt to say, say nowt!’  So, apologies in advance if the posts get a little thin over the coming weeks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. I like your grandmother’s saying, but I can’t imagine the day ever arriving when you will find yourself with nothing to say! Just keep on writing.

    • Oh, I can usually find plenty to say … the trick is finding something interesting to say! 😀 What I might do, if I get really stuck is look to my travel journals for ‘retrospectives’ … because I started the journals long before I began blogging.

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